Dance The Night Away Unplugged, Live Gigs & More

Lots to report on the Philhelmon front. 

Henk and I were interviewed by Kathy Keller, a Journalist from the Netherlands originally from my side of the US. Check out the first interview featuring my friend and collaborator Henk Bol where he discusses his process, Philhelmon's inception, and his background. You can read it here

As a special request, Henk and I did a stripped down version of our song "Dance the Night Away" from Enjoy... since it's her favorite song on our album. Check out the video of Henk and I (seemingly) performing the song together. 
In addition to that, here's a fun little review from a magazine in the UK called Rock Society. 

Also, Philhelmon's song "Keep the Faith" was featured on a radio show called Rocklive in Germany. Give it a listen! 

Finally, Wilson Fifer Rose played a rousing set at Insomnia Coffee on 8-8-14. A Pleasant time was had by all, especially the band who was joined by Ron Hurst on djembe in proper impromptu style! Ron Hurst is the current drummer for John Kay and Steppenwolf. If you don't know who Steppenwolf is, I feel sorry for you.

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