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New TMBG Covers

Check out this fan made cover album that I contributed 3 tracks to! Listen to it here!

  1. Lie Still Little Bottle - Sax, Vocals, and drums 
  2. Mr. Me - Horns, Queen-esque vocals and a big production
  3. Kiss Me, Son of…
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New Single: AFRICA

Wilson Fifer Rose’s cover of Africa (Featuring Philhelmon and Alessandro Bertoni) is live on streaming services. This is a re-imagined version of our version of Toto’s classic song. We added so many harmonies and really over-hauled the rhythm section…

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Wilson Fifer Rose’s cover of Wrecking Ball is live on streaming services. This is a cover of the Miley Cyrus song. We added a lot of harmonies. Not our usual, but we enjoyed making it.

Thanks for checking it out!


For those of you who aren't aware, one of my favorite bands is Jellyfish. I was invited to partake in an online festival celebrating the band - and I of course had to oblige! The festival includes contributions from other…

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TMBP Compilation!

I was invited to collaborate with a bunch of fabulous people to create a high quality compilation of one of my favorite band's music! Right now I am not 100% sure what will make it on the compilation album, but…

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Roman Songs: Cover EP

I was invited to contribute to an extremely cool project! John Linnell of They Might Be Giants fame (you may or may not know that they are one of my favorite bands of all time) has released a four song…

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Scarborough Fair (Pop-Punk Version)

A group of people I met on reddit have been doing cover songs to get us through the pandemic. Here is our latest:

The arrangement of this took some time. Those time and feel changes were tricky. Lots of Bad…

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Music Jail - TMBG Cover

Hey all! This is one of the songs I was asked to record for the THEY pay tribute album, a tribute to They Might Be Giants. The organizers actually chose my recording to open the album because they liked it…

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Fun Assassin - TMBG Cover

Here is a lyric video I made for a cover song I recorded. This is another song by one of my favorite bands They Might Be Giants. I was asked to record this cover for a Podcast. Love the lyrics…

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Creep - Radiohead cover

I met some random strangers online and we decided to do this cover of Radiohead's Creep. OH THE ANGST. Great song - but watch out for F-bombs :)

Protest Songs

A live cover of the classic Bob Dylan and Buffalo Springfield song. Still appropriate given the times we live in. I’ve been pushing myself to post things that aren’t perfect. This is a live performance sweetened with a little reverb…

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Come Together - Beatles Cover by Philhelmon

I have a confession to make... I actually started this recording in 2016! That’s when the footage is from. I’ve got a huge backlog LOL. Lots of great things started that I need to dig into and finish.

For those…

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Streets - U2 Cover (Live)

A live version of U2’s where the streets have no name. I’m trying to do more live things like this. I love the studio so much be because I love to arrange for other instruments! There is only one of…

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The Weight - The Band Cover

A timeless song about people helping people. I’m not completely sure, but I think it was written about the great depression. I felt it was pertinent given all that is happening in the world right now. Take care of each…

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Birdhouse In Your Soul - TMBG Cover

I have greatly enjoyed being a part of various TMBG fan pages on Facebook. These fan pages are really quite active, so as a result, they are always doing fan-made cover albums! I did participate a little for the John…

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Can You Forgive Her - Pet Shop Boys Cover

A great song in 12/8 time originally done by the genius techno band The Pet Shop Boys. Really, these guys are criminally underrated in my opinion. Check out their melodic and quirky album “Very.” Great song craftsmanship. Any of their…

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Out of Jail - TMBG Cover

Hey. I covered a song by one of my favorite bands of all time, They Might Be Giants. I made it my own and added horns. In fact, there is steamy hot sax all over this sucker. This is an…

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Golden Slumbers - Beatle Cover

I recorded this live on my phone about a year ago. Stumbled across it just recently. With the remix of Abbey Road being released soon, I figured, “what the heck? why not post it?” This is one of the greatest…

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You and I - Ashly Will Cover (Live)

This cover is a bit different in that it’s stripped down, under-produced, and totally live. I don’t usually do very simple videos and I’m not sure why, so I think I’m going to throw more of these live and “off…

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