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New Single: AFRICA

Wilson Fifer Rose’s cover of Africa (Featuring Philhelmon and Alessandro Bertoni) is live on streaming services. This is a re-imagined version of our version of Toto’s classic song. We added so many harmonies and really over-hauled the rhythm section…

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Come Together - Beatles Cover by Philhelmon

I have a confession to make... I actually started this recording in 2016! That’s when the footage is from. I’ve got a huge backlog LOL. Lots of great things started that I need to dig into and finish.

For those…

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Flee As A Bird - Philhelmon

My long time collaborator for my progressive rock band Philhelmon and I have finished a new video! This is something that was being worked on at the same time as our last album Perpetual Immobile, but we chose not to…

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Philhelmon: Perpetual Immobile

Philhelmon's upcoming album "Perpetual Immobile" is going to be SO GOOD. The music is very high quality and just let me tell you: this thing rocks hard and is delightfully weird. 

For a more in-depth Philhelmon experience check out the…

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Philhelmon - Henk's Visit

A lot has been happening on the Philhelmon front. Henk Bol came and visited us here in Oregon, USA and we did a lot of work for the forthcoming album Perpetual Immobile: Epistemic Impossibility. 

We shot a lot of video…

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Philhelmon Radio Interview

I was recently featured on Kat's Corner along with my Philhelmon collaborator Henk Bol on Canada's prog-core radio. This two-part show features Henk and I talking about our musical histories, how we came together, and music from various parts of…

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Paradise Lost - Philhelmon/Just Vera Collab

Philhelmon has collaborated with JustVera on a very cool song called Paradise Lost. It's a thoughtful song about the current trajectory of the planet and how our presence here affects the other creatures living with us. This one was lots…

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Philhelmon Updates & More

A Wilson Fifer Rose & Philhelmon collaboration, this cover came about as the result of the very successful Wilson Fifer Rose kickstarter campaign. One of the rewards offered through this campaign was that the band would record a song of…

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Many Updates

People may not be aware of the fact that I am a huge Beatles fan. I am a huge George Harrison fan as well which should be obvious to anyone who knows me! With the release of the new Apple…

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We Can Work It Out - Cover &More

Up-Close and Personal Interview with Kathy Keller 

Recently I was interviewed by Kathy Keller, an independent journalist/ author from the USA now residing in The Netherlands. During the interview we discuss all-things Philhelmon including the follow-up record to Enjoy... which…

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Dance The Night Away Unplugged, Live Gigs & More

Lots to report on the Philhelmon front. 

Henk and I were interviewed by Kathy Keller, a Journalist from the Netherlands originally from my side of the US. Check out the first interview featuring my friend and collaborator Henk Bol where…

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WFR Life and Philhelmon

Live Gigs: 

This is the time of year where I get out there and play live. Wilson Fifer Rose has some gigs on the horizon as does the slightly different incarnation of Rose Fifer Rose. Recently Rose Fifer Rose played…

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Just Pretend Cover & Philhelmon Givaway

Wilson Fifer Rose recorded and filmed a video for our cover of a song originally done by the Bens (Ben Folds, Ben Kweller, and Ben Lee). If you don't have their 4 song EP, I suggest you give it a…

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Philhelmon Teasers

Henk has been extremely productive making these little video teasers of some of the work we've done for the new Philhelmon album. Check 'em out!

60 Frames Per Minute & Philhelmon

Here's a pretty spot-on analysis of a game I wrote the music for with Portly Pig Studios that qualifies as "Software Art." The writer discusses the concept and purpose of the game and aptly concludes,

"Sixty Frames Per Minute” breaks

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Timeshift Compilation

Philhelmon's song "Golden Days" was featured on Progstravaganza's compilation which they've titled "Timeshift." 

It's an honor to be included on a compilation with so many talented progressive bands. The best thing about it is the entire compilation is free! You…

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WFR on Radio Groesbeek

Radio Groesbeek: 

Holland Radio personality Hans Koning played a handful of my songs on his program “The Kingdom Crown Album” on Monday night, October 7th, 2013. Hans was kind enough to call me on the phone and included the phone…

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Black Sheep of the Family - Quatermass Cover

Philhelmon just finished a hilarious video-cover of the Quatermass song Black Sheep Of The Family. Very "I am the Walrus" in style, don't you think? Special kudos go to Greg West and Tiger Brooke over at Portly Pig Studios for…

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Africa Cover + Radio Interview

Wilson Fifer Rose was featured on an entire episode of De Smaak Van Kraak, a radio personality in Holland. 

He was a very gracious interviewer and it was a joy being on the show. He also plays a Philhelmon song…

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Africa - Toto Cover

I finally finished editing the footage of our cover version of Toto's Africa. 

As you can see, it turned out really great both musically a visually. We garnered 600 views in the first 2 days, which is always good thing! 

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WFR Live 2013 & Philhelmon

Wilson Fifer Rose: 

Unfortunately the summer of 2013 is coming to end. This means less frequent gigging opportunities for Wilson Fifer Rose... and we definitely had some very fun gigs this summer: 

Since Wilson Fifer Rose will be moving into…

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WFR & Philhelmon: Live Gigs/ Radio

Wilson Fifer Rose had Diamond Eyes and To the Water played on the excellent radio show "Smaak Van Kraak" (which translated from Dutch means, "The Taste of Kraak", Rob Kraak being the host of the show). Imagine being played next…

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