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Protest Songs

A live cover of the classic Bob Dylan and Buffalo Springfield song. Still appropriate given the times we live in. I’ve been pushing myself to post things that aren’t perfect. This is a live performance sweetened with a little reverb…

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Streets - U2 Cover (Live)

A live version of U2’s where the streets have no name. I’m trying to do more live things like this. I love the studio so much be because I love to arrange for other instruments! There is only one of…

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The Weight - The Band Cover

A timeless song about people helping people. I’m not completely sure, but I think it was written about the great depression. I felt it was pertinent given all that is happening in the world right now. Take care of each…

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Live @ Influence Music Hall

I entered an original song performance competition… and we won our bracket! A big reason we won is because of the awesome harmony from Margie and Liz! Thanks so much you two! 

Just competing is actually a really big win…

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Golden Slumbers - Beatle Cover

I recorded this live on my phone about a year ago. Stumbled across it just recently. With the remix of Abbey Road being released soon, I figured, “what the heck? why not post it?” This is one of the greatest…

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You and I - Ashly Will Cover (Live)

This cover is a bit different in that it’s stripped down, under-produced, and totally live. I don’t usually do very simple videos and I’m not sure why, so I think I’m going to throw more of these live and “off…

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Johannon Reunion: "Uh Oh, Here We Go!"

The Johannin gig was super fun. I picked one of my favorite performances form that night and added the lyrics to the video (since they go by pretty fast). The camera audio is pretty rough, but it's still a good…

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Hello - Adele Cover

I like to do covers. It helps me hone my craft - that is, recording and playing instruments. I get to play the instruments that I don't always get to play when I put out music with my bands. I…

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I'm A Believer & Summer Gigs

I'm A Believer 

I recently recorded a super fun cover of the Monkees' song "I'm A Believer" with a group of friends on a beach trip. It was an interesting exercise in recording a whole lot of people in one…

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Dance The Night Away Unplugged, Live Gigs & More

Lots to report on the Philhelmon front. 

Henk and I were interviewed by Kathy Keller, a Journalist from the Netherlands originally from my side of the US. Check out the first interview featuring my friend and collaborator Henk Bol where…

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WFR & Philhelmon: Live Gigs/ Radio

Wilson Fifer Rose had Diamond Eyes and To the Water played on the excellent radio show "Smaak Van Kraak" (which translated from Dutch means, "The Taste of Kraak", Rob Kraak being the host of the show). Imagine being played next…

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StarWars Uncut, Progworld Top 10, WFR recording and more...


We’ve been voted number 6 on Progworld’s website! 

Here's the link if you want to check out Porgworld: 

 Wilson Fifer Rose: 

Our kickstarter, as of the time of this writing, has reached $3,724. Despite the fact that we…

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Live Gigs?!

Live Gigs: 

I've had some live gigs lately and a few people have informed me that they would have come if they had known about them. Whoops. My bad. 

These gigs have been kind of funny in that I'm not…

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