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Video Game Music?!

I wrote some video game music for a racing game called "Shadow Gear." Check out the game here:

Slug Sax: Ky Fy Mix

So - John Walker asked me to do some specific sax parts as part of his latest album. I did what he wanted the first night, but then... well I got inspired and did a TON of sax overdubs a…

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Sigh Figh Collab: Slugs & Sax

I was invited to play and arrange sax on Sigh Figh's exquisite new album "Horrific". Specifically, you can hear me on the track "Toxic Mollusk Entity" which is track 11. I recommend checking out the entire album if you like…

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TMBP Compilation!

I was invited to collaborate with a bunch of fabulous people to create a high quality compilation of one of my favorite band's music! Right now I am not 100% sure what will make it on the compilation album, but…

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KO Theory: Lay Down Music Video

I finally had time to take footage captured months ago and create this music video for my music collective KO Theory. I'm very pleased with how it turned out. It's always a mixed bag when you get footage from multiple…

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Roman Songs: Cover EP

I was invited to contribute to an extremely cool project! John Linnell of They Might Be Giants fame (you may or may not know that they are one of my favorite bands of all time) has released a four song…

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Scarborough Fair (Pop-Punk Version)

A group of people I met on reddit have been doing cover songs to get us through the pandemic. Here is our latest:

The arrangement of this took some time. Those time and feel changes were tricky. Lots of Bad…

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Creep - Radiohead cover

I met some random strangers online and we decided to do this cover of Radiohead's Creep. OH THE ANGST. Great song - but watch out for F-bombs :)

Just Another Day - An Original Christmas Song

An original Christmas tune. A guy on Reddit asked me to sing this song he wrote. I like the tune and, despite being a huge fan of Christmas, sometimes we all feel a little like a Scrooge :)

Always Come Home - Original Christmas song

I wrote and recorded an original song with strangers I met on the internet. It was supposed to be a total throwaway - an exercise in songwriting - but it turned out extremely awesome so I'm sharing it with you…

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Wings of Eternity with Heylel

I was asked to contribute vocals to Heylel’s re-imagining of their song “Wings of Eternity.” Such a lovely folk ballad with beautiful violin. Heylel is a progressive rock band from Portugal. I met them through my prog band Philhelmon and…

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One Love - International Collaboration

Here is a very special project in this time of seperation due to Covid and racial tension. I’ve been contributing to this in the last two months… sax, vocals, composition, lyrics, guitar, video editing. I met these folks online and…

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Come Together - Beatles Cover by Philhelmon

I have a confession to make... I actually started this recording in 2016! That’s when the footage is from. I’ve got a huge backlog LOL. Lots of great things started that I need to dig into and finish.

For those…

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Can You Forgive Her - Pet Shop Boys Cover

A great song in 12/8 time originally done by the genius techno band The Pet Shop Boys. Really, these guys are criminally underrated in my opinion. Check out their melodic and quirky album “Very.” Great song craftsmanship. Any of their…

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Epitaph - King Crimson Cover (Acoustic)

A stripped down version of King Crimson’s Epitaph. The acoustic guitars were played by Poor Li who I believe is from France. When I recorded Philhelmon’s version of this song, one of my youtube subscribers directed me to Poor Li’s…

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No Matter What - Badfinger Cover

I finally had a chance to record my own version of the one of the greatest pop-rock songs ever written. Bad Finger’s No Matter What came out in the late sixties and has everything I look for a in a…

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Snow - From White Christmas

Every year I try to do a christmas song. I do this in place of a christmas card! I’m a little late finishing our Christmas song this year. That’s because this song is more complex than it sounds. Margie and…

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Marvelous Things - Eisley Cover

A song by one of my favorite “modern” bands - Eisley. Funny story, I actually started recording this song years and years ago. My acoustic guitar is in the shop and I thought I might as well finish this one…

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I Want to Break Free - Queen cover

I met Kate Barret this past year in production of Jesus Christ SuperStar that we were in together. We became fast friends and promptly decided we needed to collaborate on a Queen song. Now, you don’t just cover Queen -…

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Lo How a Rose - Christmas Carole

My family’s Christmas card isn’t usually an actual card. Instead Margie and I like to record a Christmas song and make a video. This year we went with Lo How A Rose Ere Blooming - a slightly lesser known song…

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Say Say Say - Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney Cover

I recently finished another fabulous collaboration, this time with my friend Ali Luey. I’ve known Ali since the year 2000. We have been in numerous musicals together over the years and I just knew her voice and vibe would be…

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