Just Pretend Cover & Philhelmon Givaway

Wilson Fifer Rose recorded and filmed a video for our cover of a song originally done by the Bens (Ben Folds, Ben Kweller, and Ben Lee). If you don't have their 4 song EP, I suggest you give it a listen! 

This cover gave me an opportunity to do some recording with two of my favorite people as well as dust off the old alto sax, and take my craigslist bari-sax for a test recording sesh. I haven't done much sax playing since highschool except for the little bit that I got to do on Real Nights, the record I did with Alex Arrowsmith as one of his Pugs (I was one of the pugs). So be warned: lots of steamy, hot, sax in this video. 

Also, Henk, myself, and many other rotating members of my prog band Philhelmon are working away at a new release titled Perptuum Immobile. While we enjoy the process of bringing you new music, you can still get the last album by going to our official website located here. 

Also, check out this little givaway contest featuring our album! Very cool!

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