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People may not be aware of the fact that I am a huge Beatles fan. I am a huge George Harrison fan as well which should be obvious to anyone who knows me! With the release of the new Apple Years box set and all the promotional stuff they've been doing, I really wanted to get involved by doing a cover of one of his songs. Fortunately Henk was willing to humor me by helping me record a pretty fun Philhelmon version of What Is Life off of George's All Things Must Pass album. Check it out: 

Special thanks to Margie and Tiger for contributing their backing vocals! Not to mention Henk for doing the lion's share of the work on the arrangement and backing track! I really enjoyed this cover because I got to play sax which Henk mixed wonderfully utilizing the recently released Abbey Road mixing plug-in. 

You can also find our cover located on the map from the promotional site for George's Apple years box set. I thought this was a pretty neat promotional idea getting listeners involved and showing their location on the map. I have to wonder if I shouldn't have placed the location in Holland being as Henk lives there! It truly shows how George's music resonates with people from all over the world to see all of these covers. Check it out the site here. Also, here is a screen shot just in case they decide to discontinue the site someday. 

In other Philhelmon news, we have been steadily working away on the new record. Henk is a titan of productivity and I am thankful to be involved. I'm also thankful that he has the patience for my graduate school and other musical activities that often keep me from working on music as often as I'd like. He recently released another little teaser video that showcased an extremely cool and very proggy track that he's been working on. 

Portly Pig's scene from Stars Wars Uncut: The Empire Strikes Back was chosen for the final edit! For those those of you who don't know, this is a fan-made re-imagining of the film executed by multiple "studios" who have taken sections of the film and produced them individually. Check out this very watchable and hugely entertaining undertaking here. 

I designed the sound and also performed the voice of Luke Skywalker in this very short segment. 

To see Portly Pig's contribution by itself, check out this vid: 

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