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New Collab: Sigh Figh

It's amazing how these things happen. You meet people online that are into the same things as you, and before you know it, you're collaborating on great original music! Enter John Walker, the brain behind Sigh Figh! I added a…

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Video Game Music?!

I wrote some video game music for a racing game called "Shadow Gear." Check out the game here:

KO Theory: Lay Down Music Video

I finally had time to take footage captured months ago and create this music video for my music collective KO Theory. I'm very pleased with how it turned out. It's always a mixed bag when you get footage from multiple…

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Always Come Home - Original Christmas song

I wrote and recorded an original song with strangers I met on the internet. It was supposed to be a total throwaway - an exercise in songwriting - but it turned out extremely awesome so I'm sharing it with you…

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One Love - International Collaboration

Here is a very special project in this time of seperation due to Covid and racial tension. I’ve been contributing to this in the last two months… sax, vocals, composition, lyrics, guitar, video editing. I met these folks online and…

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Live @ Influence Music Hall

I entered an original song performance competition… and we won our bracket! A big reason we won is because of the awesome harmony from Margie and Liz! Thanks so much you two! 

Just competing is actually a really big win…

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Flee As A Bird - Philhelmon

My long time collaborator for my progressive rock band Philhelmon and I have finished a new video! This is something that was being worked on at the same time as our last album Perpetual Immobile, but we chose not to…

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Johannon Reunion: "Uh Oh, Here We Go!"

The Johannin gig was super fun. I picked one of my favorite performances form that night and added the lyrics to the video (since they go by pretty fast). The camera audio is pretty rough, but it's still a good…

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Philhelmon Updates & More

A Wilson Fifer Rose & Philhelmon collaboration, this cover came about as the result of the very successful Wilson Fifer Rose kickstarter campaign. One of the rewards offered through this campaign was that the band would record a song of…

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Many Updates

People may not be aware of the fact that I am a huge Beatles fan. I am a huge George Harrison fan as well which should be obvious to anyone who knows me! With the release of the new Apple…

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Philhelmon Teasers

Henk has been extremely productive making these little video teasers of some of the work we've done for the new Philhelmon album. Check 'em out!

Timeshift Compilation

Philhelmon's song "Golden Days" was featured on Progstravaganza's compilation which they've titled "Timeshift." 

It's an honor to be included on a compilation with so many talented progressive bands. The best thing about it is the entire compilation is free! You…

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WFR on Radio Groesbeek

Radio Groesbeek: 

Holland Radio personality Hans Koning played a handful of my songs on his program “The Kingdom Crown Album” on Monday night, October 7th, 2013. Hans was kind enough to call me on the phone and included the phone…

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Eye of the Tiger Cover & new Philhelmon Song

I finally finished editing a video that my sister and I filmed together. My goal was to do one of these videos a month, ahhh how naive I was! I've since determined this to be an unrealistic goal because this…

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