WFR Live 2013 & Philhelmon

Wilson Fifer Rose: 

Unfortunately the summer of 2013 is coming to end. This means less frequent gigging opportunities for Wilson Fifer Rose... and we definitely had some very fun gigs this summer: 

Since Wilson Fifer Rose will be moving into a different phase (with more of a focus on studio work) I can take solace in the fact that Rose Fifer Rose will still be gigging once in a while: 


Henk Bol has been working like a man possessed on more music for the next Philhelmon record. As we speak my dropbox is full of ideas and demos. We have a loose release date for the next album which will be sometime in 2015. I'm really looking forward to tackling some new stuff! The "prog bug" has really been buzzing around inside my head lately. 

On top of that, I've been fortunate enough to include some fabulous musicians from the Philhelmon camp on some Wilson Fifer Rose/ Philhelmon collaborations lately. More on that soon!

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