WFR Life and Philhelmon

Live Gigs: 

This is the time of year where I get out there and play live. Wilson Fifer Rose has some gigs on the horizon as does the slightly different incarnation of Rose Fifer Rose. Recently Rose Fifer Rose played the 43rd annual Folk Life Fest in Seattle.

Wilson Fifer Rose played a private party on a farm... 

Both groups have more gigs on the horizon for summer. Rose Fifer Rose will be playing the day in Damascus on July 26th, Wilson Fifer Rose will be playing at Insomnia Coffee on August 8th, and in Hood River on August 16th. See my gig calendar for details. Others will crop up as the summer progresses. 


Henk and I have been working on the next Philhelmon record, and I'm extremely excited with how it sounds so far! He has done some networking and the guest musicians on the project are more numerous and just as talented as they were on "Enjoy..." 

Here is an article from a German Progressive rock magazine called Empire Music. This favorable review (at least I've been told it's favorable... I don't speak or read German) was in issue #106. Evidently, hard copies of this issue is being sold widely during the "Night of the Prog" festival in Europe this weekend. How cool is that?

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