Riu Riu Chiu & What Child Is This?

I've always liked the Monkees' version of the classic carol Riu Riu Chiu, so I took a swing at my own arrangement.

I was first exposed to this song via my high school music teacher in zero period madrigals. It's one of my favorite Christmas carols. As far as the video, I've always wanted to try the whole "cloning" effect for one of my videos, so I went for it this time. Timing my entrances as well as learning the film editing software took a little while, but I feel like it was worth it. As for the arrangement, I wanted to make it my own - Hence the percussion and big climactic ending. I'm very happy with how it came out! 

What Child Is This? 

Wilson Fifer Rose recently completed a great version of another classic Christmas carol, What Child Is This? 

I had a lot of fun recording this cover with Dustin and Austin. They came over to my farmhouse where we decorated my barn with christmas lights and shot the footage in the freezing cold. Austin has gotten quite adept at filming and editing, which means our music videos should start becoming more interesting than the usual "film ourselves recording and edit it together" kind of thing that we've done up until now. It's actually the final incentive reward from our very successful Letters from Cornelius Kickstarter campaign. One of our contributors requested that we record this song - which worked out quite well!

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