Of Gods and Golems/ Kickstarter Success

I'm currently in LA helping Portly Pig Studios put together their stop motion installation "Of Gods and Golems" for which I composed the music. 

It's sort of a difficult project to explain. Basically it incorporates stop motion animation, large sculpture pieces and explores the concept of the passage of time as a well as our perception of it. When I have something on film I'll be sure to update this site. 

In other news, Philhelmon's kickstarter campaign for the album "Enjoy it While It Lasts" has succeeded as of today! We've raised over $2000 in pledges and can now proceed with getting the music mastered and produced on cds with art and so forth! I'm so grateful and humbled that my friends and family have supported me and Henk in this creative venture. 

It's hard to articulate just how appreciative I feel... I've noticed that I often feel grateful, but don't always say it. I hope people are aware. Get ready to recieve your pledge incentives/ prizes in the next few weeks! 

Wilson, Fifer, Rose is coming along relatively well too. We keep tweaking our album's running order, how many songs are going to be on it, which songs, etc. It's always in flux, but it's also very organic. We recently sent 3 songs to Alex Arrowsmith to mix and master so that we can have a demo cd so that we can hopefully show it to venues for paid gigs. I've been doing the lion's share of the production as far as setting up the drums (mostly djembe and hand percussion because we want something that sounds natural and reproducable live), with Dustin and I sharing guitar duties. We hope to get Randy Gerhart of Johannin fame (I used to play drums for them) to play the bass on most if not all of the tracks. 

I'll also be sitting in with Dustin and Andrea Rose for an upcoming gig at Naked Winery in Hood River. If we're lucky we'll get Austin there to do a few songs too! The gig will be on May 18th from 7-10pm!

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