No Matter What - Badfinger Cover

I finally had a chance to record my own version of the one of the greatest pop-rock songs ever written. Bad Finger’s No Matter What came out in the late sixties and has everything I look for a in a good melodic rock song: Harmony, a cool riff, and a great beat. What many people don’t know is that The Beatles are the ones who discovered this band and signed them to their label, Apple. 

Special thanks to Alex Arrowsmith and Justin Radford for joining me on this one! I met Justin Radford when I answered an add he posted on craigslist looking for vocalists for a musical he had written himself! He still writes musicals and plays out in bands, not the least of which is his band Rock GaGa. His band covers Lady GaGa songs with a rock asthetic. 

Alex and I have have been friends since 6th grade where I sat at the same table as him in math class. We were in a couple bands together in and after highschool too. He was a better guitarist then than I’ll ever be, and graciously agreed to play bass and sing some tasty harmony on this cover. He puts out solo music regularly which, if you like melodic and quirky pop, I highly recommend.

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