Live Gigs?!

Live Gigs: 

I've had some live gigs lately and a few people have informed me that they would have come if they had known about them. Whoops. My bad. 

These gigs have been kind of funny in that I'm not really seeking them out right now. Lately they have a way of finding me, usually because a buddy asks me to sit in with them on short notice. I'll find a way to post upcoming live gigs in the future on this site. 

Here are some pics from my most recent live appearances: 

Dustin Rose & I @ Starbucks 8-10-12 

Alex Arrowsmith & I @ The Party In the Trees (TWO) 8-19-12 

Enjoy It While It Lasts/ Henk stuff: 

Currently Henk is working on a way of getting the album onto Itunes. For those of you that aren't fans of CDs (tragic in my opinion), this'll be your ticket to score some sweet tunes for download! 

Also, Philhelmon hasn't stopped producing songs even though "Enjoy It While It Lasts" has been completed. I'm still doing some musical odds and ends with Henk under that moniker. The man is a fountain of music, and he is still interested in having my input/ voice for some of his songs. The next tune will probably incorporate Dustin Rose and maybe some other rad peeps from my ever expanding circle of musical buddies. Stay tuned for that. 

That's it for now!

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