Epitaph - King Crimson Cover (Acoustic)

A stripped down version of King Crimson’s Epitaph. The acoustic guitars were played by Poor Li who I believe is from France. When I recorded Philhelmon’s version of this song, one of my youtube subscribers directed me to Poor Li’s version. I reached out to Poor Li via his youtube channel and asked him if he minded my adding vocals to his classical styled version of the song, and he said yes. 

As for the video itself, I wanted to try something different and went with Rotorvideos.com - honestly, the experience left me with a lot to be desired. Their interface was frustrating and buggy. I had a tricky time demoing their clips. I went this route to save time, but ultimately it took longer than if I had just filmed and done my own. That said - it is nice to have some more atmospheric clips as opposed to the usual footage of me playing the instruments. 

Anyway, special thanks to Poor Li for his super cool and vibey version of the song. Lots of fun to collaborate with people this way! We live in an amazing time!

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