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Radio Groesbeek: 

Holland Radio personality Hans Koning played a handful of my songs on his program “The Kingdom Crown Album” on Monday night, October 7th, 2013. Hans was kind enough to call me on the phone and included the phone interview at 22:55. I have edited the show for you to listen to. Here’s the running order and approximate times since many of you don’t speak Dutch and may want to skip around: 

Intro to show by Hans (in Dutch) 00:00-2:29 
Silver Rain – Wilson Fifer Rose, Letters from Cornelius 2:29-5:34 
Intro to Philhelmon by Hans (in Dutch) 5:34-6:40 
In the Forest – Philhelmon,  Enjoy it While It Lasts 6:40-12:03 
Intro to Henk Bol’s band Precious Time (in Dutch) 12:03-13:32 
Close My Eyes – Precious Time, If the gods Knew 13:32-18:10 
Intro to Ky’s interview by Hans (in Dutch) 18:10-19:18 
To the Water – Wilson Fifer Rose, Letters from Cornelius 19:18-22:55 
Interview with Ky Fifer (in English) 22:55-30:48 
Addiction – Redtop Medusa, The Redtop Medusa Project 30:48-33:55 
Redtop Medusa discussion – Hans (In Dutch) 33:55-34:57 
Your Name - Wilson Fifer Rose, Letters from Cornelius 34:57-38:25 
Closing: Hans (in Dutch) 

You can listen to the show here: 

Hans has been very supportive of both Henk and I, being as he’s played Philhelmon in the past. I was especially glad that he included Wilson Fifer Rose, Philhelmon, and Redtop Medusa this time around! I edited out the other songs in his radio show only because I don’t own the rights to them, but I highly recommend you check out his show if you get a chance! Special kudos to Henk for recording the show for me! 

Check out the radio's site here: 


They mentioned us on their site! You can visit their site by clicking here. Just in case they change their site, here is a graphic:

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