Eye of the Tiger Cover & new Philhelmon Song

I finally finished editing a video that my sister and I filmed together. My goal was to do one of these videos a month, ahhh how naive I was! I've since determined this to be an unrealistic goal because this one was recorded back in May or June! I've had so many computer problems and crashes that it was nothing short of a miracle that I was able to finish this! I've got a few other video covers done in this style waiting to be edited and mixed... I just need to find the time to edit them together! 

Henk (from Philhelmon) edited together a stellar video of one of the tracks off our upcoming album. It's pretty cool to think that all of the people in this video are thousands of miles away! Tiger and I co-wrote the lyrics with Henk. Enjoy! 

Also, Wilson, Fifer, & Rose  have their first gig on Saturday the 26th at some Winery in Tigard. I'll post more about that later... I should probably figure out where that gig is happening anyway!

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