Rolling Down Hill

I had the great pleasure of collaborating with John Walker on the latest Sigh Figh album "Rolling Up Hill". It's a delightful distraction that I recommend everyone imbibe in. I appreciate John's writing and propsensity for dense arrangements. He's always got a lot going on in in his tracks and I love that. All the songs are worthy of a listen, but here are the ones I contributed to:

Time to Move Along

I played bari sax on this one. Basically followed the bass-line. Such a great opening track. I mean, sometimes you just gotta get the hell outta there, amiright?

I Won't Look

I played guitars. My direction was to play something "psychedelic". I ended up going more Dear Prudence than Strawberry Fields, but I am pretty happy with the outcome. To me the sitar player and the tasteful lady backing vocals really add to the vibe.


Ah, that 60's brit-pop shuffle. This is like a Monkees Davy Jones song with lyrics that aren't vapid. I had a great time arranging and playing bari and alto sax on this one. I was thrilled that John kept my ending. I tend to just throw a bunch of stuff at an arrangement. I thought it was super cool that he used that horn bit I wrote to close his album.

LIsten to it here:

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