Birdhouse In Your Soul - TMBG Cover

I have greatly enjoyed being a part of various TMBG fan pages on Facebook. These fan pages are really quite active, so as a result, they are always doing fan-made cover albums! I did participate a little for the John Henry cover album by doing a cover of the Flansburgh penned “Out Of Jail”. You can find that on youtube as well.

They Might Be Giant’s most popular album is Flood, and it came out in 1990… 30 years ago! So to celebrate, the moderator of one of the sites decided to open up submissions. I participated in three of the covers, though to be honest I would have enjoyed doing just about any song! I did my own cowboy chill version of “Lucky Ball and Chain”, a techno pop collaboration with another Facebooker of the song “Twisting” and this cover of Birdhouse in Your Soul. To me, Birdhouse is one of the stand-out songs on the record. It’s a little atypical in it’s chord structure which made it a lot of fun. I took the usual liberties with the arrangement. Mostly more guitars and horns, less keyboards. Lots of fun. Enjoy!

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