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I have greatly enjoyed being a part of various TMBG fan pages on Facebook. These fan pages are really quite active, so as a result, they are always doing fan-made cover albums! I did participate a little for the John Henry cover album by doing a cover of the Flansburgh penned “Out Of Jail”. You can find that on youtube!

They Might Be Giant’s most popular album is Flood, and it came out in 1990… 30 years ago! So to celebrate, the moderator of one of the sites decided to open up submissions. I participated in three of the covers, though to be honest I would have enjoyed doing just about any song! I did my own cowboy chill version of “Lucky Ball and Chain”, a techno pop collaboration with another Facebooker of the song “Twisting” and this cover of Birdhouse in Your Soul. To me, Birdhouse is one of the stand-out songs on the record. It’s a little atypical in it’s chord structure which made it a lot of fun. I took the usual liberties with the arrangement. Mostly more guitars and horns, less keyboards. Lots of fun. Enjoy!

A Wonderful Christmas Time

Merry Christmas to all! I was derailed pretty badly this month and wasn’t sure I’d get this one done in time for Christmas! Well - here it is! And it’s only after 3am on Christmas morning! But - the problem with Christmas covers is if you’re late getting it done, you have to wait a whole year for the song to be in season!

Deadlines at my day job, extra curricular/holiday related events, and the fam getting sick right before Christmas definitely contributed to that! I had already recorded footage and most of the music before this week, but was not able to be productive at all this past weekend due to how sick we all were!

But here it is - My own version of Paul McCartney’s 1970’s classic “Wonderful Christmas Time.” Such a jaunty little number isn’t it? I am so very grateful to have you all along on my musical journey this year! Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Can You Forgive Her?

A great song in 12/8 time originally done by the genius techno band The Pet Shop Boys. Really, these guys are criminally underrated in my opinion. Check out their melodic and quirky album “Very.” Great song craftsmanship. Any of their songs on this album can be redone in almost any style, and they would still translate. Surely a testament to their ability to write great hooks, melodies, and lyrics!

I saw my version as a great excuse for a Redtop Medusa reunion! Redtop Medusa was my college band with my now wife (then girlriend) Margie, sister Tiger and friend Greg West. Look for our album on streaming services!

Out Of Jail

Hey. I covered a song by one of my favorite bands of all time, They Might Be Giants. I made it my own and added horns. In fact, there is steamy hot sax all over this sucker. This is an excellent song about a guy who falls in love with someone who is awful. It has absolutely no bearing on my lovely wife. She is not awful. Lol.

Anyway, I hope you like this one.

Live @ Influence Music Hall

I entered an original song performance competition… and we won our bracket! We’re going to compete in the next round! A big reason we won is because of the awesome harmony from Margie and Liz! Thanks so much you two!

Just competing is actually a really big win for me. Getting something formal together and performing is really a big step towards trying to promote myself. I’ve always been more of an “accompany this person” or “record the instruments for that person” kind of guy. Don’t get me wrong, I like doing that too, but honestly, I just love singing and performing so much that it’s nice to prioritize my own stuff for a change. The songs include:

  1. I’ll fly away (just the sound check)

  2. Maybe She Will

  3. Full Speed Ahead

  4. Lost at Sea