My all acoustic version of Snow Patrol’s “Run” from their album Final Straw which came out in 2003. I completeley missed this song when it came out. One of my patron’s asked me to cover it and I was delighted to take a swing at it. I used my Breedlow 6 string, my 12-string Taylor, and a cheap little auto-harp. I added harmony too because… why not?


My progressive rock band Philhelmon finished our cover of the epic King Crimson tune “Epitaph” and we’re quite proud of how it turned out.

The Hawaii Five-O Theme

I was asked to record this as a favor for my local community theatre. They wanted to use the original recording, but can’t since it costs money to do that. The composition is ok to use, but the recording is owned by someone else who wants paid each time it’s used. Their solution? Have me record it!

So yeah, it was great fun dusting off the old bari and alto saxophones and tracking 20 or so takes. The surfer drums were especially fun and for me make the whole thing work. I’ve heard the song all over the place. I think I first played it in pep band in highschool. Anybody ever watch the actual show?

Snow (Irving Berlin Cover from White Christmas)

Every year I try to do a christmas song. I do this in place of a christmas card! I’m a little late finishing our Christmas song this year. That’s because this song is more complex than it sounds. Margie and I spent a lot of time arranging the vocals, and I spent a lot of time recording the instruments… I’m not typically a jazzy chord kind of guy but I feel like I did ok making this one my own! This song is from teh 50s so the progression isn’t as obvious.

That said - super fun video to make! We all went up to government camp on Mt. Hood last weekend and then shot some additional footage out our house. Malcolm had a great time! Special kudos go to Emily who helped keep the kid under control all the while helping out with some technology issues! Thanks Em! Enjoy and… Merry Christmas!

It’s My Life (Bon Jovi Cover)

I think my favorite thing about this video is that it gave me an excuse play Mario 3 from beginning to end for the time lapse portion without using any warp whistles. Also, I always thought it was funny that this song is basically about teen stubbornness or putting yourself out there and living your best life, but my definition of living my best life is often a very strong desire to stay home and be a slob.

This song is totally a guilty pleasure - most Bon Jovi is. They wrote some fabulous pop songs with uplifting choruses, but for my age group, they were always perceived as extremely dorky and uncool - a perfect fit for me really LOL. I lost my voice this month and barely got these vocals recorded. Not the hardest song to sing, but a struggle when you have a cold. It turned out ok regardless. Let me know what you think!