Wilson Fifer Rose: Letters From Cornelius - 2013

Producer/ Vocals/ Composer/ Co-Composer/ Lyricist/ Co-Lyricist/ Percussion/ Guitar/ Ukulele

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Philhelmon: Enjoy It While It Lasts - 2012

Vocals/ Co-Composer/ Lyricist/ Co-lyricist

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Alex Arrowsmith and His Pugs: Real Nights - 2011

Drums/ Backing Vocals/ Saxophones and Arrangements

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Alex Arrowsmith and His Pugs: Live at the Banana Stand - 2010

Drums/ Backing Vocals

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Alex Arrowsmith: Public Domain Rainbow - 2010

Backing Vocals on "All you Need Is Love"

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Redtop MedusaThe Redtop Medusa Project - 2010

Composer/ Co-composer/ lyricist/ Co-lyricist/ Vocals/ Backing Vocals/ Drums/ Bass/ Lead & Rhythm Guitar/ Uke/ Sequencing/ Producer

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PSU Chamber Choir - Veljo Tormis: On American Shores - 2007

Vocals (Tenor 2)


Ashly Will: Often Ophelia - 2004

Guitars/ Drums/ Bass/ Keys/ Sequencing/ Producer/

Richard Prior: Intense Tennis With Dennis - 2002-3 (?)

Drums/ Vocals/ Backing Vocals/ Composition/ Lyricist/ Guitar