Recording Services


Ky Fifer at HareBrain Media...

- Is a Graduate of PSU's 2 year Recording and Music Production program under the direction of John Newton.

- Has twelve years of hands on recording experience.

- Has recorded vocalists, drums, guitars, horns, mandolins, banjos, keyboards, and many singer songwriters.

- Works well under deadlines

- Enjoys the collaborative process

- Is willing to work with your budget


It's difficult to give an exact price quote without knowing the nature of the project. I've done everything from recording original musical theatre works, to soundtracks for art installations (see samples of work below). People's needs and budgets vary drastically. I've done work by the hour, I've done flat rate projects, and I've done my share of bartering.

It's best to contact me and discuss your needs directly. I can probably work within your budget.


Ashly Will - A Mystery Now - A talented singer-songwriter. She brought in the song and played piano. I played everything else under her direction. I Recorded this all in my personal studio. We did an entire album.

Keep Our Women in Line - From the Musical Esther by Portland local Dennis Dunn. He sent me midi piano via the internet and sheet music. I commisioned singers and recorded them. These demos are useful to have when pitching the show to theatre companies.

Mixed Signals - A pop/ punk song that needed a voice. They provided the music, I sang.

For incidental music and composition, check out my Film Scores.