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(Civilization 9 from "Enjoy It While It Lasts")

Philhelmon is the moniker of an international progressive-pop band. I met Henk Bol, the instigator of the project, through a website called V-band. It's basically a community of musicians who like to dabble in recording and songwriting. You can post the makings of a song, and anybody who wants can come along and add parts to it as they please. You can also create your own virtual band by assigning certain musicians to certain roles within a song. This is a great resource for budding musicians and recording artists.

I had just joined this website and had done a few vocals for various people, when I met Henk who asked me to sing on a few of his songs. Henk is from the Netherlands, specifically, South Holland, and he has a long history of music from one of my favorite eras. So he and I worked on a few songs together and we were very happy with the reception we received from our peers on the site.

How Wrong 

("How Wrong" is one of the first songs we did on

Henk had already started working on a solo album at that time (he has already put out some albums previously too), so he asked me to be the voice on this one! We had a lot of fun. He had a lot of really spectactular musicians from all over the world contribute. We all recorded our parts in our home studios and he then put everything together into an extremely coherant bombastic and dynamic prog-pop masterpiece. The result is very impressive.

I've gotten to contribute by writing harmony arrangements, melody lines, and some lyrics as well. Again, the style is a sort of Progressive Pop, with lots of rock influence. This concept album has been officially released as of June of 2012, so please check it out!

"Enjoy it While it Lasts".

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 Dance the Night away from "Enjoy It While It Lasts"