A studio project in the making. I've been working on songs since my Highschool rock band days that are a little too quirky for most people. I've wanted to put them all down for a while, but haven't had a chance yet... In fact this album's probably been written for about 4 years!

The music was written to be light-hearted nerd-pop music since TMBG has always been such a massive influence on me. The songs are heavily influenced by They Might Be Giants, The Monkees, Jellyfish, Oingo Boingo, and other melodic pop that focuses on slightly unconventional lyrical content, but still packs a melodic and hooky punch. I haven't decided whether Ginchy will be the name of a studio band that I'll put together with multiple albums, or just one. I'll probably tackle most of the instruments myself, but will also have Henk Bol (from Philhelmon) on keys, Erik Steighner on sax and keys, Alex Arrowsmith on lead guitars, Nick Pounders (AKA Mayhaw Hoons) on bass guitar, Margie Fifer on keys, Tiger Fifer on vocals, Andee Martin on Vocals, Greg West on vocals, Rick Kallen will help with some lyrics... and probably many more. What can I say? I love collaboration!!!

Potential Song List (in no particular order... destined to fluctuate):

  1.  Bust of Mozart
  2. Rock and Roll Martian
  3. No Other Station
  4. Average Terminal
  5.  The Rye
  6.  One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
  7. Mario 2
  8. Oops I fell into a hole
  9. Infinite Gems
  10. Incognito
  11. Tiny Box I'm Inside Of
  12. Loud and Clear
  13. Jerry-Rig
  14.  Rejuvinate/ Reconstruct

Hopefully I'll get started on this album soon.