Film music is something that I've always appreciated and taken notice of. The ability to augment a story with music - without drawing attention to the music itself isn't something every musician is capable of. I intend to continue to improve my composition skills for film, tv, and video games as much as possible. I'm a huge fan of Carl Stalling (he wrote the music for many of the classic Warner Bros. cartoons) as well as the mainstays like Danny Elfman and John Williams.

Here are a few of the films I've contributed sound design/ music to:

Star Wars Uncut: Yoda's Suprise

"Yoda surprise", Star Wars Uncut Scene 182 from Portly Pig Studios on Vimeo.

Fall Training

I was approached to do both sound design and music for this hilarious live-action anime by Greg West. I attempted to incorporated elements of pop-punk in the music. Many of the sounds were custom-made and edited using various filters and foley-like recording techniques. I did research by watching a bunch of kid-friendly cartoons. Ugh, such hard work! =)

Little Wheelers

Little Wheelers is a quirky little film I scored for Portly Pig Studios. Stop motion can be a tricky thing because it has an innate "creepy-ness" often due to the size of the models (the details are extremely apparent this close up!) and the strange way the human eye percieves the characters' movements. The creators and I decided to go with a quirky Carl Stalling style of music, but all sung with a human voice instead of an orchestra in an effort to hopefully connect the audience. I was singing a lot of Veljo Tormis in the Portland State University Chamber Choir at the time, so his influence is also very apparent. The finished product is effective in that it's unique and adoreable, as well as kid-friendly.


Taped was one of the flims my film troup Complementary Colors developed. Many of these videos had a Sesame Street like quality and this one is no exception. The point of the film was to show that cooperation and collaboration can lead to an outcome that is greater than the sum of it's parts. This score also had a cartoon-like quality in that I was simply augmenting the emotions of the characters with changes in melody, mood, and tempo at a sort of schizophrenic pace.

Nothing At All

Nothing at All is a song that my sister Tiger and I co-wrote for our studio band Redtop Medusa. She developed a cartoon character that she felt embodied the song and set about animating it to the original recording, which consisted of guitar and voice. When she was done I was motivated to tweak the song to make it more be-fitting of a cartoon. What you have is the result of Tiger making a cartoon to a song, then me re-arranging the song to fit her cartoon. It was a fun exercise in collaboration.

Four Minutes To Forget

This is another film from my film troup Complementary Colors, only this one was helmed primarily by my friend Boz (who stars in the video). This film called for music that was more on the angry and aggressive.

HAA ORVIS AIR 2009/2010 by Boz Schurr

This was a fun project. Since the artist painted over the canvas repeatedly, it wouldn't due to just show a finished painting being as there are multiple paintings buried unerneath. Furthermore, it was impossible to decipher where one finished "picture" started or ended. The challange here was to score the process. In 6 films (6 canvases), the artist (Boz Schurr) paints and paints, and paints. I focused on the paintings themselves as well as other elements like the changing camera angles and other people who come to watch her paint or lend a hand with a paint brush. In totaly I scored 6 films at about 10 minutes each in a very short period of time. This is the first film I scored.

A Body Of Secrets

This interactive installation utilized music that was customized for live performance which included Redtop Medusa music that was significantly tweaked to emphasize the artists' goal. The above video is an overview of the installation.This was part of a very large thesis project for Tiger's Masters degree.

Movement Is Life

I got to compose music for Portly Pig studio's installation "Movement is Life". The video explains the project better than I can, but it basically draws attention to the relativity of the passing of time and perception. More to come in the future!

Preview of Stop Motion Game:

Explanation of "Movement is Life" installation: