Free Music


Misc Collaborations/ Other:

I'm A Believer (Monkees Cover with Friends)


All My Loving (Beatle Cover with Tyler Gould)


Melt With You (Modern English Cover with Erik Mertens and Margie Fifer)


The Street Where You Live (Music Theatre)


Eye Of The Tiger (Survivor Cover with Tigerbrooke)


Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen Cover with Greg West and Tigerbrooke)


Smoke On the Water (Deep Purple Cover with Shortmonkey)


Mr. Bojangles (Music Theatre)


Mixed Signals (with Something About Airplanes)


Where I Am (with Boz Schurr)



Paperlate (Genesis Cover by Philhelmon)



Real Nights - Full Album

Live at the Banana Stand - Full Album


Redtop Medusa:

Frigid (Deep Freeze Remix)