Progworld Album Review

Before I forget, here is the album review from the Dutch website Progworld (I had to have it translated, so forgive the slightly odd grammar!). You can scope out the original Dutch version here. 


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Philhelmon on Bandcamp

Philhelmon's album "Enjoy it While it Lasts" has a band camp site where you can listen to the whole freekin' album for free! Go check it out by clicking HERE.


Radio Play/ Progworld Interview  

Recently Enjoy it While It Lasts has been getting some radio play in Europe and Henk's been busy promoting the album by doing interviews. Special thanks to for playing "the Final Frontier" on September 9th, 2012! If you missed…

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Live Gigs?!

Live Gigs: 

I've had some live gigs lately and a few people have informed me that they would have come if they had known about them. Whoops. My bad. 

These gigs have been kind of funny in that I'm not…

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Nice Boyband photo, right?


The project we're currently calling Wilson, Fifer, & Rose has been moving along quite nicely. We've gotten every song that we plan to record started. We're tentatively planning to have a 15 song track list, but at this point…

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Enjoy is in the Mail!

I received my shipment of "Enjoy it While It Lasts" cds in the mail, and have mailed them out to all of my fantastic kickstarter supporters! Expect to recieve them before August 1st!

Simply put, the packaging is stellar. I…

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Nanner Stand and More

Enjoy it while it Lasts is being printed right now as I write this post! Those who pledged to our kickstarter (thankyouthankyouthankyou) will be recieving copies in the mail as soon as Henk and I figure out the most cost…

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Of Gods and Golems/ Kickstarter Success

I'm currently in LA helping Portly Pig Studios put together their stop motion installation "Of Gods and Golems" for which I composed the music. 

It's sort of a difficult project to explain. Basically it incorporates stop motion animation, large sculpture…

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Enjoy Kickstarter and Vincent

I've enlisted the aid of friends and fans to help Henk and I to produce our album. This process is made easy thanks to kickstarter! Please pre-order/ pledge to get a copy of the album, posters, and many other incentives! 

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