I Want To Break Free

I met Kate Barret this past year in production of Jesus Christ SuperStar that we were in together. We became fast friends and promptly decided we needed to collaborate on a Queen song. Now, you don’t just cover Queen - nobody does Queen better than Queen. Besides, I personally hate covers that are identifcal to the orginal. I mean… what’s the point of re-doing exactly what’s already been done?!?

So here you have our own unique rendition done as a duet. I had a great time working with Kate who was game for any harmony or over-dub that I threw at her. She brought some hilarious props and a mini lazer light show which really set the tone for the video. I’m also especially proud of the bari sax solo which - let me tell you - that keyboard solo in the original is impossibly fast. Especially for a guy whose saxophone skills topped out in highschool band. Still, I always have a fun time playing horn parts. This is my first foray into playing an actual solo on the bari sax!