My New Patreon Account

Yes, I have finally succumbed to getting a Patreon account and am happy to say that I already have a few patrons!

(Click the Picture above to go to my Patreon Page)

It's a great way to support artists you like! I have a few that I am supporting simply because the work they create brings me great joy. Even if you don't want to support me, I suggest you check it out and support somebody - making great stuff for you to enjoy on the internet, though it may be fun, it is a surprising amount of work and many artists are forced to stop doing it because honestly, it's almost like having a second job!

I have fans and friends who have asked me how they can help support my music - In response to that, I have created this Patreon page! If you like my music you can help me continue to create by giving me a dollar (or more) each month too. If this isn't your thing, that's fine! I will continue to release music on YouTube regardless. You'll still be able to see and listen to what I make there for free. However... If you decide to support me here, you will receive extras that won't be available anywhere else!

Extras Include:
  • Behind the scene videos and photos
  • Downloadable songs
  • Early access to videos & content
  • The ability to influence song choice via vote
  • The ability to choose the next song I produce
  • Your name in the credits as a producer
  • The ability to suggest other extras