My New Patreon Account

Yes, I have finally succumbed to getting a Patreon account and am happy to say that I already have a few patrons!

(Click the Picture above to go to my Patreon Page)

It's a great way to support artists you like! I have a few that I am supporting simply because the work they create brings me great joy. Even if you don't want to support me, I suggest you check it out and support somebody - making great stuff for you to enjoy on the internet, though it may be fun, it is a surprising amount of work and many artists are forced to stop doing it because honestly, it's almost like having a second job!

I have fans and friends who have asked me how they can help support my music - In response to that, I have created this Patreon page! If you like my music you can help me continue to create by giving me a dollar (or more) each month too. If this isn't your thing, that's fine! I will continue to release music on YouTube regardless. You'll still be able to see and listen to what I make there for free. However... If you decide to support me here, you will receive extras that won't be available anywhere else!

Extras Include:
  • Behind the scene videos and photos
  • Downloadable songs
  • Early access to videos & content
  • The ability to influence song choice via vote
  • The ability to choose the next song I produce
  • Your name in the credits as a producer
  • The ability to suggest other extras


Shades of Time Music Video

Heylel and I joined forces and completed a music video to go with our recording of "Shades of Time." Please check out the rest of their album! Their album is gloriously moody and epic.

Philhelmon: Perpetual Immobile update

Philhelmon's upcoming album "Perpetual Immobile" is going to be SO GOOD. The music is very high quality and just let me tell you: this thing rocks hard and is delightfully weird.

For a more in-depth Philhelmon experience check out the website:


A few things on Philhelmon:

  1. The album is 90-95% "in the can" and just needs mixed
  2. Ron Hurst from John Kay and Steppenwolf liked his contribution on my song "To The Water" enough to request I have some CDs printed off to give to Steppenwolf's super-fans: The wolf pack.
  3. We have a lot of launch material including a few music videos as well as some very cool merchandise.

Expect a winter 2017 release!

Jesus Christ SuperStar

I try to do a few theatre shows a year and my most recent was Jesus Christ SuperStar at Theatre in the Grove. This is my second time playing the role of Judas Iscariot - one of my favorite roles in all of musical theatre.

Shades of Time: CD Release Party and Availability of Album

Heylel's album, Shades of Time, has been officially released and sounds fabulous. I should know, I have been playing it on a continuous loop at high volumes in my car.

The album is now available on Spotify for streaming:

If you're old-fashioned like me, you can order the physical CD so you can appreciate the album art, credits, and list of musicians (where you'll find my name on the title track as the lead vocalist!).

Also, I am currently putting together a concert film to be utilized during the album release show. Although I can't fly to the CD release party, you can still see me playing with the band on April 21st, 2017.