Heroes (David Bowie Cover)

I am not over David Bowie’s passing even though it has been 2 years. Why is the death of a celebrity still on my mind? How does somebody I don’t even know still make me sad when I think about the fact that he’s no longer on this planet? His music and just general oddness has always appealed to me. Playing, recording, and paying homage helps me feel better about it. This will not be my last David Bowie cover.

I Want To Break Free

I met Kate Barret this past year in production of Jesus Christ SuperStar that we were in together. We became fast friends and promptly decided we needed to collaborate on a Queen song. Now, you don’t just cover Queen - nobody does Queen better than Queen. Besides, I personally hate covers that are identifcal to the orginal. I mean… what’s the point of re-doing exactly what’s already been done?!?

So here you have our own unique rendition done as a duet. I had a great time working with Kate who was game for any harmony or over-dub that I threw at her. She brought some hilarious props and a mini lazer light show which really set the tone for the video. I’m also especially proud of the bari sax solo which - let me tell you - that keyboard solo in the original is impossibly fast. Especially for a guy whose saxophone skills topped out in highschool band. Still, I always have a fun time playing horn parts. This is my first foray into playing an actual solo on the bari sax!

Lo How A Rose Ere Blooming

My family’s Christmas card isn’t usually an actual card. Instead Margie and I like to record a Christmas song and make a video. This year we went with Lo How A Rose Ere Blooming - a slightly lesser known song, but still a classic!

My son Malcolm makes his film debut and steals the show.

Five Years - A David Bowie Cover

We finally finished our most recent video tribute to David Bowie. Believe me, I will probably do more - I am a huge fan of David Bowie! This time around, we (Henk Bol, TigerBrooke, Greg West, and Margie Fifer) decided to do the song Five Years off of, what is probably his best known album, Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.

We recorded the song and filmed this video a year ago! The reason for the delay is that we have been busy working on Philhelmon’s new album. I have to say, it feels really good to finish this up. As a matter of fact, we still have more covers for you to hear thanks to that very productive visit from Henk Bol to the USA - we just need to take the time and edit it all together. Stay tuned!

Five Years Promo 1

Five Years Promo 1

Say Say Say

I recently finished another fabulous collaboration, this time with my friend Ali Luey. I’ve known Ali since the year 2000. We have been in numerous musicals together over the years and I just knew her voice and vibe would be perfect for this cover of Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney’s song Say Say Say Say.