Where the Streets Have No Name (U2 Cover)

So many delays on the vocals and the guitars! Super fun putting my own spin on this U2 classic from my favorite album of theirs, the Joshua Tree. Special thanks to Margie and Liz who’s awesome vocals and wind blown hair game was totally on point!

Marvelous Things (Eisley Cover)

A song by one of my favorite “modern” bands - Eisley. Funny story, I actually started recording this song years and years ago. My acoustic guitar is in the shop and I thought I might as well finish this one since the guitars were already recorded. Fortunately Tiger was in town to add to the vocal parts she recorded 6 years ago and film the video! I like the lyrics to this song because it’s about finding beauty in the odd or grotesque of the world or your own imagination.

The Neverending Story Theme (Cover)

Ok nostalgia freaks, have I got one for you! Why did the eighties have so many weird yet awesome fantasy movies? Here’s Margie and I doing our best to rock the Neverending Story Theme!

I Won’t Back Down (Cover)

I always loved this song. I remember seeing the original music video and noticing that Tom Petty had half the Beatles playing with him! I mean, you know he had to have something going for him to have George and Ringo back him up! Jeff Lynn’s no slouch either! But seriously, Tom Petty had a knack for writing some excellent songs. Great hooks, lyrics that most people can relate to, done in a way that only Tom Petty can pull off. Here’s my version of this excellent song for the recently deceased Tom Petty. He was one of the greats.

Bus Stop (Hollies Cover)

How is it that so many great songs came out in 1966?! Most people don’t know, but this song was actually written by Graham Gouldman (from the band 10cc), and not by the members of the Hollies, though their version was a hit. I decided to do this cover because it’s my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary and my mom has said this was their song.